Facebook FAQs

The Never Alone Difference: our strategy and why it works for YOUR business!

Our Strategic Ad Schedule:
January: every week
February: once
March: once
April: once
May: every week
June: every week
July: once
August: every week
September: every week
October: once
November: once
December: 3 times

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my contract?
6 months, because that’s how long it takes for us to narrow down your targeting and get through at least one high response season, so you get an accurate picture of our FB services.

How do I cancel?
Your contract is month-to-month after the first 6 months. Notify info@neveraloneservices.com to discontinue.

Can I “pause” my services during lower response months?
You cannot pause your service during the first 6 months of your contract. After that, you may discontinue, however be aware that your rate may go up if you choose to sign up again, because most people have a founding member rate, which is a discounted rate.

What should I be posting on my page to help the ads perform better?
Post YOUR clients and students! Post happy faces looking straight at the camera. Do not be salesy. Just be social and friendly!
Post Live vidoes or recorded videos. Do not post YouTube links (they are a competitor of Facebook and do not perform well).
Post 2-3 times per day!
Encourage your clients to “check in” when they are at your location.
Encourage your clients to leave a review on Facebook!

Why do you have months when you only post one ad?
We cannot use Facebook like a slot machine. We have to be social and engaging to earn the right to advertise. Sometimes we take a break to prevent “ad blindness.” It also gives you an opportunity to save some money before the next high response time.

Should I change up my offer?
Yes! You should roate through 3 different offers.
Example: Mention Facebook for a free registration fee (value=$25)
Mention Facebook for a free registration fee and first lesson free (value=$55)
Mention Facebook and receive a free bag, fidget spinner and assignment book (value=$40)
This keeps people alert and they don’t get used to the offer you always put out there. To vary your offer, please email us and let us know what we can include in your ads.

How do I know what ad is currently running?
To avoid confusion, we will email you the next ad that is coming. Please share this with your staff! You can also see the ad anytime by visiting your Facebook page. It will be pinned to the top.

How do I know if Facebook advertising is worth the money?
It’s all about ROI (Return on Investment)! You need to figure out how much one client/student is worth to you for the lifetime of the client. For example, one client is usually worth about $1000 to us. If I spent $800 on a Facebook in a month and get 4 students, that’s an incredible return on my money! That’s a 5:1 ROI!
If you need help with this math, let us know.

What else can I do to make sure my Facebook ads are successful?
Answer your messages on Facebook!
Respond to comments on posts and the ads!
Answer your phone! Roll out the red carpet. When people request info, get back to the within one hour.
Check your phone skills! We provide the leads. You close the sale!

BASIC: We write and manage your ads and post 1x per day (engagement posts)
FAST TRACK: We write and manage your ads and post daily, including using your photos.

Thank you for trusting us with your Facebook marketing. We are here to help your business succeed and GROW!

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