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Getting Google to trust your website as a great resource for those searching for what you do is the most important thing that we can do to help you.

Our method shows Google not only who you are, but what you do and that you should be a trusted resource in their search results.


We make sure that everything that we do to help rank your website is done in the best way possible so that no matter what Google changes in their algorithms, your site continues to be ranked as high as possible.

We make sure that we are always following the best practices for Search Engine Optimization from Google and our clients consistently stay at the top!

Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimization is important to your website because it gets results. Organic results for a website continually get great results no matter what changes Google makes to their results page.

Percentage of website traffic that comes from organic search
Percentage click-thru rate the first google result gets
percent of pages that get no organic search traffic from google
percentage of mobile searches that are related to location

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Strategy Just for You

We create a plan based on who you and your company are. We don’t have a cookie-cutter approach that works for everyone.

Every industry, business, and city has a different amount of competition and strategy that is necessary to make sure that you can climb the rankings. We study your situation to make sure that you are getting the best results.

Never Alone Marketing Plans

The 3 C's of the Integrity Ranking Method

There are many pieces that make up our strategy to build your website’s trust with Google, but we always start with the 3 C’s.

If you are a local business that has a local reach, we would love to talk with you to see if we can be a good fit for helping you expand your business.


When your website has more content than all of your competitors online, Google sees you and your website as the authority and ranks you higher.

We help create great quality content for your website that highlights your services and service areas.


Your Business Name, Address, And Phone # – listed everywhere on the internet (hundreds of listings). When you have more Citations than your top-ranked competitor, Google will trust you more, thus you are ranked higher.

Controlled Backlinks

A Backlink is like a referral from a valued site from another website. All links are not equal. Just one link, from a high-powered site, can equal thousands of links from low-powered sites. We control a network of HIGH POWERED SITES. In order to rank you high on Google, we point links from these to your site. If your site has more votes, and more power, you get ranked higher. This is why we call it CONTROL!

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Web Design

You need a great website that is focused on getting new clients and helping them understand what you do and how they can reach out to you.


Want to rank at the top of Google's organic rankings? We can help you make the most of your website.


Making sure that you are dominating all three area's of Googles results page is paramount. And you don't have to spend a fortune for it to make a differenc.

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