You're Amazing.

But you don't have to do everything alone.

Virtual Assistants for your business

You’re trying to keep all the balls in the air. Trying to keep all the plates spinning. Trying to navigate, drive the ship, and put out fires. All. At. Once.

But the truth is, you can’t do it all alone.

There’s a stage in business when hiring help will make you more money because it frees up valuable time that you are wasting on mundane (yet important) things.

If you are a creative person, you deserve to have support with the details in your business. These things need to get done, but you don’t have time, or they are dragging you down.

When your schedule is filling up with clients, you can delegate:

YOU are the visonary for your company. The one making the big decisions. The one signing leases and making the money. Expanding. Dreaming. Doing big things.

If you are still trying to post on Facebook, create formulas in Excel, fumbling with MailChimp, AND teaching or meeting with clients, you can stop.

Instead of doing everything on your own, set aside some time and hire a virtual assistant! 

VAs are wired to manage details! They are level-headed and logical and will take the stuff off your plate that is driving you crazy or even holding back the growth of your company.

Download a list of Amazing VAs:

Who do you trust?

There are many places to find a VA. But how do you know if you can trust them? How do you verify their skills?

In our 6-month training program, our VAs learn how to do social media marketing, data management, newsletter creation, and much more. We teach and train them so YOU don’t have to. It can feel scary to expand your team, but we are here to help!

How to hire a Virtual Assistant

When you download the list, you’ll also receive a helpful guide on:

Need a more personalized match?

When you coach with Jen, you’ll get a personalized match with a VA from our Academy, based on your strengths and needs assessment. Request more info about coaching here.

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