Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Every busy business owner is trying to keep all the balls in the air. Trying to keep all the plates spinning.
Trying to navigate, drive, and put out fires.
All. At. Once.

But the truth is, you can’t do it all alone.
There’s a stage in business when hiring help will make you more money because it frees up valuable time that you are wasting on mundane (yet important) things.

You can:
Stop posting on social media.
Stop running reports and fixing spreadsheets.
Stop sorting email.
Stop doing your bookkeeping and let someone else handle the tiny details.

You should be the visonary for your company. The one making the hard decisions.
The one signing leases and making the money. Expanding. Dreaming. Driving this ship.

If you are still trying to post on Facebook, create formulas in Excel, or fumbling with MailChimp, you can stop.

Instead of doing all the thingstake some time to hire a virtual assistant. They will be faster than you are, they will be level-headed and logical and will take the stuff off your plate that is driving you crazy and holding the growth of your company back.

We train Virtual Assistants for you!
In our 12 month program, our VAs learn how to do social media marketing, data management, newsletter creation, and much more. We teach and train them so YOU don’t have to. We help them learn the valuable skills that business owners NEED to survive and thrive in a tech-driven world.

If you are drowning and need some extra help, download our approved list of VAs here! It’s free.

By downloading the list, you’ll also receive helpful tips on:

  • How to pay a VA (by hour? per project?)
  • How much a VA typically charges and what you can expect to pay
  • How to communicate with a VA so you don’t have more headaches and hassles

​It can feel scary to expand your team, but we are here to help!
Our #1 goal is to help you grow your business strategically, with less stress!

We also provide coaching for building your team. Schedule a coaching session with Jen here:

For big projects, like building or editing your website, or setting up Google Ads, schedule a call with Chris here: ​